Referees & Clubs




The days before the game- Our expectations of the clubs:


  • Early confirmation of referee (48 hours min.)

  • Referee kept informed of any changes (opposition, venue, time)

  • Early notification of cancellation (Clubs should not keep ref “on hold” while waiting alternative opposition via fixture exchange.)

The days before the game- Expectations of referees:


  • Look at club’s website (Does your match agree with club’s on-line information? Any research you can do to put game in context?)

  • Be proactive if no confirmation – use number on WTR or club website numbers if no reply.

  • Let reappointments know as soon as you hear if your game is off.


Match Day - Our expectations of the clubs:


  • Greet referee (changing room, who is captain? pitch/flags, etc.)

  • Hospitality


Match Day - Expectations of referees:


  • Proactive if any gaps in club admin – opportunity to take control.


Experience of Game day


If you feel that your experience in any of these areas above was below expectations then do let our discipline secretary know so we can assess whether this is an isolated incident or becoming a trend with a particular club.

Do be proactive here as otherwise you are leaving next week’s referee to suffer the same negative experience.